Paralysis of critical thinking in time of crisis, by Bruno Adrie

Even the most TV-addicted citizen, that is to say the less well informed, exclaims from time to time, speaking about the politicians: “they’re f****** with us”, “all that matters to them is to stuff their pockets off our backs”, showing that he doesn’t really trust the sincerity of the political speeches, that above all these are for him electoral speeches, propaganda, jam used to sweeten the pill, or the pills, sorry.

By saying this, he acknowledges that everything in the political world is communication, that none of the speeches he hears is sincere or even personal, and that those politicians, trained and advised by propaganda experts – today they say communication, but Edward Bernays, who was one of them, and even an important one, used to say propaganda, therefore I will stick to the terminology used by the founder of the modern techniques of crowd manipulation –, are able to lie and look movingly sincere, such as the arrogant Cahuzac, who, though he was a minister, lied and owned hidden bank accounts in Switzerland for a long time.

Thus, the citizen, even badly informed, keeps a distrustful eye on the speeches they throw him from the stages, like bromide candies aimed at appeasing him and allaying his worries and discontent.

Politics as bromide politics, interesting, isn’t it?

But you only need a shock, a terrorist attack, and, as if by magic, under the fire of the unending blarney cannons, you forget, or pretend to forget, that they lie to us, and the machine is set in motion. Newspapers bring words out of their palaver boxes, scary words, trigger words, but not thinking words: attacks, terrorists, and so on, we know them well enough. Useful idiots from the system, experts, essayists, and intellectuals jump into the screens and parade, serious-looking, open-handed, crying about their being worried, upset, indignant in front of a population suddenly trapped in good feelings that assail them. Meanwhile, the press bombs, waters the world with its manufactured fears, exploits the crimes, especially when they have been committed, or it seems so, by a member of a “community” considered to be “badly integrated”, and hence uncalled-for and invited to beat its breast and keep quiet.

When you realize that this propaganda is actually nothing but war propaganda, you can understand that the people will be ready when it is commanded to go fighting for a good cause, light-heartedly. The weather has become gloomy for truth-seekers.

Thanks to the techniques of paralysis of critical thinking in time of crisis, war profiteers can be onto a sure thing. They always have been.

Copyright © 2015 Bruno Adrie – All rights reserved

translated by Clara Piraud

French version